Potato Chips Processing Line

Potato Washing and Peeling

Potato Washing and Peeling


  • MODEL 1 : PP14
    Capacity : 7 Kg
    Motor : ½ HP
    Material : SS 304

  • MODEL 2 : PP16
    Capacity : 12 Kg
    Motor : 1 HP
    Material : SS 304

  • MODEL 3 : PP20
    Capacity : 25 Kg
    Motor : 2 HP
    Material : SS 304


Potato washing and peeling machine applies to remove the thin peel of root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, dasheen, sweet potatoes, etc. It is an indispensable potato washing and peeling machine for either semi-automatic potato chips line or automatic potato chips line. The cleaning machine can also work independently in the restaurants, hotels, and some other vegetable or food processing industries. Our potato washing and peeling machine has high peeling rate up to more 98%. We have three models potato peeler machine, the capacity is respectively 80-100KG/H, 180-200KG/H, 800KG/H, most convenient potato washing and peeling machine.

Features of Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

1. Integrating the function of washing and peeling, the potato washing and peeling machine can be used for peeling potatoes, carrots, cassava, ginger, kiwi fruit.
2. This automatic washing and peeling machine is made of high quality stainless steel, easy to clean and maintain.
3. Rollers are made of nylon rope, a light material which is very durable.
4. Separated dirt and sediment can be removed completely with the circulation of water.
5. The washing and peeling machine is convenient to operate with high working efficiency, so it can improve save labor cost in great extent.

How to Keep Potatoes Fresh After Cutting and Peeling

How to Keep Potatoes Fresh After Cutting and Peeling
  1. Place the cut and peeled potatoes into the large ceramic or stainless steel bowl.
  2. Cover the potatoes with enough water to completely submerge them.
  3. Squeeze the juice from the half-lemon into the water.
  4. Store the bowl of potatoes, uncovered, in the refrigerator.
Model Power Weight Capacity Dimensions
AMS-PWP10 0.75KW/220V 60KG 80-100KG/H 690x430x860mm
AMS-PWP30 1.1KW/380V 80KG 180-200KG/H 710x630x840mm
AMS-PWP80 1.5KW/380V 130KG 800KG/H 880x960x1000mm

Technical Parameters of Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

Play a Few Rounds of Golf

Do you still cut potatoes by hand? Dangerous! Slow! Don't worry, this machine can help you. Potato slicing and stripping machine is one necessary equipment in potato chips and French fries production line. This multifunctional root vegetable cutter is also sold separately to process carrots, lotus. Unlike potato chips as snack, striped radish and sliced cucumber are good food for salad in western countries and pickled vegetable in Korea. The outlook of food means much in business. A perfect appearance will attract people's attention in few seconds. Dimension, size, cooking time are all factors responsible for a successful long-lasting business. This automatic potato chips machine can process potatoes in different thickness and shapes to meet various demand. This root vegetable cutting machine is also applied in restaurant where lots vegetables need to be sliced and cut.

Features of Automatic Potato Chips Machine

  1. Suitable for kinds of potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassavas, carrot, radish etc.
  2. Cut vegetables into slices, strips and chips.
  3. Thickness of potato strips & slices are adjustable(from 0.5-10mm).
  4. Two feeding designs (vertical feeding and side feeding) available.
  5. Unique device in potato chips and French fries production. It can be used separately in restaurant, hotel, dining hall, etc.

Application Range of Potato Chips Machine

  1. Good machines in potato chips and French fries manufacturing production.
  2. Helpful cutting device in large labor workload restaurant.
  3. Necessary cutting machines in root vegetable processing.

With our immense domain expertise and technical assistance, we are offering Multipurpose Fryer to our clients. In order to fabricate this fryer in adherence to international terms, our technical experts make utilization of superior quality components including heat exchanger, oil tank with cooling system, frying system, control panel and other required components. It is best suited for all sorts of besan based products like papdi, ratlami, sev ghathiya, bhavnagri, etc. Besides, this Multipurpose Fryer can be purchased from us in various technical specifications at a very affordable price.

  1. Place the cut and peeled potatoes into the large ceramic or stainless steel bowl.
  2. Cover the potatoes with enough water to completely submerge them.
  3. Squeeze the juice from the half-lemon into the water.
  4. Store the bowl of potatoes, uncovered, in the refrigerator.


  • Rugged design
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Excellent performance
  • Low maintenance

Potato Chips Machine Operation

Potato Chips Machine Operation

Safety Cautions to Potato Chips Machine Operatione

  1. Place vegetable cutting machine on flat ground.
  2. Never put hands into the cutters.
  3. Push vegetables with the help of long sticks.
  4. Clean out foreign material like stone and dust before cutting

Automatic Potato Chips Machine Specifications

Model Power Weight Capacity Dimensions
AMS-QS400A 0.75KW/220V 60KG 100Kg/h 650*510*700mm
AMS-QS400B 0.75KW/220V 70KG 200Kg/h 745*590*885mm
AMS-QS600A 1.5KW/380V 100KG 600Kg/h 1030*910*990mm
AMS-QS600B 1.5KW/380V 120KG 800Kg/h 820*760*1000mm

Famous Potato Dish around the world

Potatoes, main food and vegetables, enjoy great popularity and praise all around the world. People love its sweet flavor, cheap price and delicious by-products. Various potato dish and snacks bring pleasure to people in free time when eating is not the first concerned.

  1. Vichyssoise Vichyssoise dish is a creamy potato soup flavored with leeks and onions. Originated from Spain, vichyssoise is usually served cold and authentic vichyssoise is only served in slap-up French restaurant.
  2. Mashed Potatoes Mashed potato is a dish prepared by mashing boiled potatoes. Starting around 1747, mashed potato dish is available in many places

Seasoning Drum:


Dynamech Engineers offers Seasoning Drum :- Tumble type seasoning system for even seasoning of potato chips, the features are :-
Speed controlled movement of chips in the tumbler, the chips are turned upside down due to the tumbler design ensuring coating on both sides of chips Sprinkling of seasoning by a screw based dispener over which hopper is filted in which seasoning are stored

Potato Chips Dewatering

Potato Chips Dewatering

Introduction to Potato Chips Dehydrating Machine

Potato chips dehydrating machine we supply is used for removing the surface water from the slices, strips, dices of the cleaned or soaked fruits and vegetables like potato, sweet potato, cucumber, apples, bananas etc. This dehydrating machine plays an important role in the fruit and vegetable processing line, especially in the process of potato chips/crisps or French fries. It enjoys a great popularity in the food processing industry. There are four capacity can be your reference according to your business: 8-10kg/time, 15-20kg/time, 25-30kg/time and 35-40kg/time.

Features of Potato Chips Dehydrating Machine

  1. The dewatering machine is wholly made of stainless steel, so it is sanitary and also easy to clean.
  2. The vegetable and fruit dewatering machine adopts the centrifugal principle, through the fast rotating barrel to remove the food and vegetable surface water.
  3. Centrifugal dewatering machine is equipped with anti-shock system which ensures a reliable working condition.
  4. This dehydrating machine is also equipped with digital control panel which make the operation of high automation and labor-saving.
  5. Equipped with electromagnetic brake, the vegetable dewatering machine features a safe and quick on-off.

Highlights of Potato Chips Dehydration Machine

  1. The dehydrating machine is suitable for lots of fruits and vegetable.
  2. High automation and easy operation, multifunctional and environmental.
  3. Reliable working condition, high speed and low noise.
  4. Large capacity, low energy dissipation and pollution.


  • The above machine mentioned is our small fruit and vegetable dehydrating machine, which can be an auxiliary machine for the semi-automatic potato chips plant.
  • We can also supply the large air-cooled dehydrating machine, which is suitable for the automatic food processing line. If you are interested in this type of machine, please let us know and we can give you more details about it.

Technical Parameters of potato chips Dehydrating Machine

Model Power Source Weight Capacity Dimensions Power Source
TS500 0.75kw/380v 8-10kg/batch 400kg 940*560*830mm 400mm
TS600 1.1kw/380v 15-20kg/batch 500kg 1050*660*930mm 500mm
TS700 1.5kw/380v 25-30kg/batch 600kg 1180*750*930mm 600mm
TS800 2.2kw/380v 35-40kg/batch 700kg 1280*820*1000mm 700mm