About Us

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Packaging Machines for different applications for packing products in Laminated Film Rolls. We are looking forward to rendering you with our effective and appreciable services in present and future times, with packing machine for filling different products in laminated film roll.

TECHNO FLEX INDUSTRIES offers a wide range of Vertical Et Horizontal Form -Fill -Seal Packag- ing Machines single track as well as multitrack, horizontal flow wrap machines to suit appropriate size, speed and budget requirement of the customers. Our company has attained about 20 years of experience and reputation for quality and reliability at more than 3,500 installations. Our machines handle a wide range of products like Snack foods, powdered products, Granular products, Liq- uids, Candies, etc. Our company strives for Excellence in Design, Development, and Manufacturing of Quality Machines with Adequate Technology.

Working Principles of Our Organization are: -

  • Striving for excellence Et Quality in all spheres,
  • Continuous Product Innovation,
  • Complete customer Satisfaction and conformance to his needs.

Our zest for excellence and perfection in quality and regular up gradation have led to Repetitive demand from our Valued Customers. These Features help to satisfy our valued customers and to maintain Healthy Et Sincere rela- tions with them. Thus many leading Multinationals and Corporate all over India use our machines. We would like to work with you hand in hand to enhance our customer base by providing Quality Solutions in the Packing Technology. Our Endeavor is towards the new challenges in the Market to increase the Production with reduced Product wastage Et Labour Cost to achieve Superior Quality Output.